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This is for a Caucasian skin tone, & if you would like any special markings such as moles, scratches or birthmarks.  Baby will be painted with heat set paints in many layers (baked between each layer) to achieve the lifelike skin.
The base price is for a bald baby.  At additional prices, you may choose painted hair, which requires no maintenance and always looks adorable or rooted Mohair, which is sealed with water-proof glue from within to allow for wetting and gentle styling.

Baby will be stuffed with premium polyfil & if desired, evenly weighted with micro glass beads (not sand) for an additional price.  You will need to support babies head just as you would a real baby.

$350 Base price
This includes the price of closed-eyed doll kit and all supplies to make your close-eyed baby.
***I can make open-eyed dolls for additional fees (see below for material list)

what is included in the base price, the completed doll (does not include shipping):
• painted Caucasian skin with meticulous detail in mottling, veining, shading, capillaries, scratches, manicured nail tips,
special markings (moles, birthmarks, etc.), skin texture (to feel like real baby skin);
bald head baby;
rooted lashes on close-eyed baby;
entire doll sealed in Matte Varnish;
doe-suede jointed body;
stuffed with poly-fil;
stitch-tag on bottom with artist’s name, date, & sculpt.
1 (one) Gerber (or like) onesie
1 (one) diaper
1 (one) Receiving blanket
1 (one) laminated birth certificate
Care sheet
• Not included in base price but Extras that can be added if you wish (see photos of various items below):
Specific eye color (for open eyed babies): $12
***Glass eyes: $25 up
Realistic hand painted hair in many layers $50
Tummy or back  plate    $35
Anatomically correct front plate $45
Beating heart box (sewn into body) $10
Voice Recorder box  (laugh, giggle, or cry) $25
Hand applied eyelashes to open eyes $4
***Rooted eyelashes are free for closed-eyed babies.

*Extra real skin texture (additional lines & wrinkles to create realistic folds in the skin, especially around the knees

& elbows) $20

Spit bubbles (permanent) $5
Magnetic Pacifier $5 each
authentic hospital blanket $8
Newborn hat/cap $5
Authentic hospital band $5
Decorated Headband $4
Crocheted Booties $4
Sealed faux formula bottle $10
Complete Outfit $15
Baby powder scent $2
Magnetic decorated bow $5
Pierced ears $10
Rooting service (Mohair or human hair): $150 & up 
Wig: $40 & up
Weight (glass beads) with Polyfil: $5/lb.
Additional diapers: $1 ea.
Additional laminated birth certificate: $5
**********Shipping & handling: $35**************
*Because children grow up so fast, the art of reborning a doll is our attempt as artists to preserve that precious moment in time when our children are so tiny & innocent. These realistic looking babies make a wonderful keepsake or model for your handmade items! What better way to showcase that special outfit that your own child wore as a baby?
*I strive to capture that very essence in each & every one of my babies. For my artistry – doll babies & paintings alike- I research & study the features of real babies & children, often drawing inspiration from my own children. I am meticulous with the details, using high-quality materials to achieve the look of realism in each reborn & create the illusion of a real-life baby that you can see, hold, even smell. I am able to replicate the illusion of real skin effects (veining, mottling, blotchiness, freckles, and blemishes, milk bumps, scratches, even birth marks & painted hair) by applying many layers of heat set paints. When properly mixed & cured, these layers are protected, will never rub off or fade.  As in real people, no two babies are exactly alike. Each of my babies is the result of much love, labor, & dedication of  many hours to bring to life each of these babies’ personalities & their unique traits.  I hope to be creating my reborn babies for many years to come.
        **Each of my babies is reborned in my smoke-free home & I never use sand to weight my babies. **

                                                         *Custom Reborn Babies Made To Order!
*Since each doll is a one-of-a-kind creation, pricing can vary greatly depending on your choices:   from around $350 to $1000 or more. The size of the actual doll, the type of hair you choose, micro rooting or a wig, and the age of the baby, eyes, & accessories are major factors that will affect the price of your reborn. I have arranged a checklist with pricing, to give you an idea. Based on what you want in your doll, I will figure the cost of all materials required to make your specific baby. I will also figure an estimate of how many hours I will have invested in making your doll baby. Just let me know exactly what you want in your doll. **Please note that these are not cheap dolls to make; they are extremely detailed & lifelike, heirloom-quality dolls.**

*I can make any doll a male or female, & can resemble your own child. I can work from photographs, combining elements to create a one-of-a-kind work of art of your little one! Send a photo and I will find a kit to match the best I can.
*Once we agree upon what the baby will look like, I will need to order the kit and any additional supplies needed, which can take up to a week for me to receive these items.  Fees & any extras that you would like added and must be paid before the doll is shipped out to you, 2-4 weeks after payment is received.


*I am happy to answer any questions you may have about ordering your very special custom reborn doll.










This is the goody package layette that goes home with every doll:  laminated birth certificate, cvare sheet, diaper, onesie (of my choice) & baby blanket (of my choice).

                   Additional items may be added.

Baby Spit Bubbles                 Hand-applied eyelashes         

 Stud Earrings                 Decorated Headbands       Magnetic Hairpieces       White Crocheted Booties

                                      * various colors/styles          * various colors/styles

Mohair                    Mohair OR Synthetic Wig         Glass Beads             Additional Diapers

*various colors                         *various colors/styles                              for weight                                *Newborn size, various colors

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