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Closed Eyed Dolls

Finley, 2024
Zoe, 2023
Garland, 2023

Handmade garland for doll bed. Repurposed ribbon & fabric, 2023

Friday, 2023 Reborn
Penelope, 2023
"Steven Virgil" Asleep

"Steven Virgil", reborned March 29, 2022. He is a Realborn®, which is a replica of the real baby! He has a beautiful combi of painted hair & REAL hand-rooted human hair! Steven Virgil was created as a therapy doll.


Sculpt by Cindy Musgrove. Delicately painted, rooted human hair, soft doe suede body


Part of the ghostbusters series, with real human hair. See full color gallery & "Like" us on FB!


Sweet little Kate with painted hair.


from the "Cozy" sculpt by Linda K. Smith...painted hair

Morgan Sugar

reborn doll with mohair

Henry from the "Leah" sculpt

placed 2nd in the BOM contest on Cherished Little Darlings Artistry Guild (UK based)

Sweet Pea asleep

hand painted hair; delicate features

Morgan "Sugar"

placed 3rd at REAL Reborn hair painting contest. Hair drawn with Prisma Color Pencils.


Winner - placed 1st REAL Reborn hair painting contest

"Henry" from the "Leah" sculpt

2nd place winner BOM from Cherished Little Darlings Artistry Guild (UK)


reborn doll with hand painted hair.


reborn doll with mohair


reborn doll with hand-painted hair.


reborn doll with mohair & hand painted hair.

Chrisy reborn doll

reborn doll with hand painted hair

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