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My inspiration for what I do... kids, Morgan & Logan

Hi! I am Mandi Oswalt, artist & photographer, & mother to two wonderful children: Logan & Morgan.

I have always been artistic, creative & crafty. After obtaining a degree in art, I practiced many mediums as a hobbyist while working other jobs, including photography. I found my favorite medium with acrylic painting, specializing in baby portraits. Over the years, I have refined my technique to achieve detail in each & every canvas. I found my true calling when I began reborning, a profession that would utilize all of the skills I’ve learned from my art & photography backgrounds & allow me to be at home for my children! I have created many of these beautiful heirloom quality babies, many having found homes to collectors & children alike. These babies are a reminder of the life’s little miracles, capturing that moment in time in a child’s life.


        About the Artist...

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